5 signs you should visit a cardiologist

Your heart is your utmost vital organ that works hard to deliver oxygen throughout the body. Do not ignore any signs of heart trouble, no matter how small or subtle.Here are five common signs to look for when experiencing heart trouble. If you have one or more of these signs do not hesitate to visit a cardiologist; it could be the difference between life and death.


  1. Chest Pain– Any form of chest pain, or pain in the neck or jaw, can be a sign of trouble. See a doctor right away if you have chest pain, or if the pain is becoming worse over time.
  1. Irregular Heartbeat– Irregular heartbeat can include an abnormally fast or slow heart rate, or palpitations. Feeling a flip-flop or butterfly feeling in your chest, a feeling that your heart is beating heavier than normal, or heart rates that are abnormal are all signs to see a cardiologist right away.
  1. Dizziness or Feelings of Weakness– If your heart is working too hard, or if your organs are not getting enough oxygen, it can make your body feel weak and dizzy. This also includes episodes of fainting.
  1. Shortness of Breath– If you suddenly feel like it is hard to breathe while sitting down or doing minimal activity this could be a sign of heart trouble.
  1. Swelling– Swelling in the feet, legs, or ankles can be a sign of heart problems. Swelling of the lower extremities is when fluid builds up due to reduced blood flow. If your shoes or pants suddenly feel abnormally tight, this can be a sign of a worsening heart problem.

If you have any of the above symptoms do not wait to see a cardiologist. Heart health is essential to leading a healthy and long life. Although some heart problems are genetic, get plenty of exercise and eat a healthy diet to help combat heart disease and other heart problems.

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