Cardio to Prevent a Heart Attack

Healthy diet and exercise are the two keys to heart attack prevention: thirty minutes of vigorous exercise at least three times a week lowers cholesterol and may greatly decrease your risk of heart attacks or strokes. sometimes, however, it can be hard to find a cardio exercise that fits your schedule and personal interests.
Sometimes it takes testing out a couple of options to find the right exercise for you: try these examples below to get started on finding an exercise that is cardio-healthy and something you enjoy!

Cardio Exercises

Running: Running is a great solo or group exercise and is versatile enough that you can do it anywhere, from your lunch break at work to cool mornings/evenings. Studies show that running can decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease and add years to your life. If you’re looking for the “superfood” of exercise, this is it.

Swimming: Swimming is an excellent exercise: it keeps your heart rate high and builds muscle endurance and cardiovascular strength. If you want a strong heart muscle, this may be the exercise for you. Try swimming at your local rec center or city pool during lap swim hours.

Core Training

Indoor cycling: If you prefer indoor exercise and enjoy group activities, indoor cycling might be a good high-cardio option for you! Indoor cycling is what you make of it, and the more energy you exert into it, the more benefits you take. Visit your local gym or recreation center to ask if they hold scheduled cycling classes.

Circuit training: Circuit training conditions the body by mixing high-intensity aerobic exercise (“stations”) with short periods of rest. It can be done indoors or outdoors, alone or at a group class. Include cardio stations like stairs or running in place to maximize heart-related benefits.

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These are just four of many exercises that can kickstart your heart health and prevent cardiovascular disease. If you have more questions about cardio exercises or heart attack prevention, our experienced Beverly Hills CA cardiologist is here to help. Please call us at (310) 858-6500 or get in touch with us online to discuss treatment options.

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