How Often Should I See a Cardiologist?

The medical professionals of Beverly Hills Cardiology led by Dr. Shervin Eshaghian M.D. understand that disease or failure of the heart is disconcerting for clients. This uneasiness can be quelled by setting up a schedule of appointments that provides reassurance their condition is being monitored and managed. After you have a heart condition diagnosed or you suffer a heart attack, a question you will have is how often you should see a cardiologist.Factors That Determine Your Appointment ScheduleSome clients only need to see their cardiologist quarterly, while others are on a weekly schedule. Here are some of the factors that may play a role in how often your cardiologist will recommend seeing you:  
  • Degree of heart failure – If your heart failure falls into the range of mild to moderate, you may be asked to come in quarterly or once every 6 months.
  • Symptoms – You will be instructed by your cardiologist to call the office for an assessment should you experience certain symptoms, such as shortness of breath, periodic dizziness or swollen limbs. You may then be instructed to seek immediate medical assistance. After you are released to go home, weekly or monthly visits may be recommended.
  • Current state of health– If you suffer from other health conditions, such as diabetes or preeclampsia, your visits may be scheduled weekly or bi-monthly until your conditions have been stabilized. Additionally, if you become ill, you will be asked to visit the office to be evaluated./span>
  • Weight gain– Unexpected weight gain over a short period of time will prompt a visit to your cardiologist..
  • Medications: Any addition or change to medications will require a visit to the office for monitoring based on the type of medication you are taking.
  • New exercise regimen: Starting a new exercise program requires that you be assessed for your fitness to participate.

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