Why Should I Get Heart Disease Screenings?

Heart disease is rampant in the United States. Statistics show that 79 million Americans have heart disease. Ranked the third highest among all deaths, heart disease can often be treated early to prevent lifelong or potentially deadly complications.Preventative ActionEvery year, there are 1.4 million heart attacks in the United States alone. Nearly 500,000 of these sufferers will die at this time. This is a startling figure. To make matters worse, most of these people would not have been classified as high riskfor heart disease or death. Screenings could have helped many of these people live a long, fulfilled life.

Screening for heart disease can lead to immediate:

  • Life modifications.
  • Medical assistance.

Advanced therapies can be utilized to lower the risk of heart disease occurring and even put a stop to the eventual progression that would occur without the necessary treatment.

Heart disease screenings are fast, non-painful and will allow you to be alerted of heart disease before it advances. By being able to take preventative action, it will be possible to lower your risks of heart attack or life changing complications.

Screening Early Is Best

Many people wait until they are older to begin their heart screenings. You should start early on in life, at the age of 20, to ensure that heart disease can be dealt with promptly. Speaking with your medical professional to conduct the proper tests for your age is recommended.

Simple tests, such as a stress test, blood pressure and cholesterol test, may be performed. A general screening of your current body mass index and weight may be performed. An evaluation of your lifestyle may also take place to see if diet or physical activity changes can be made at this time.

Blood glucose tests are often done when a patient is older than 40.

There are a variety of tests that can be done to fully understand your current heart health. The tests needed will vary depending on your age, weight and of course, lifestyle habits. Genetics also play a big role in the development of heart disease. If your family has a history of heart disease, you may be at a higher risk of getting heart disease yourself.

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